speekselsporen, tongstreken
5 gelatin-silver prints, magnets,65x90 each, 2020

Three times the same print, from the same negative. Each print showing different traces of my tongue on the photopaper as result of a blind action in the dark room. The saliva that sticks on the paper becomes visible as a photogram.

They make a series together with two ‘spoelbadcollages’. These are photos of test stripes in the washing tray, floating under and above each other in the water, forming a spontaneous collage of the images I’m working on.  

image 2, 6 speekselsporen, tongstreken (spoelbadcollage)
image 3, 4, 5 speekselsporen, tongstreken
image 1 S.M.A.K. Ghent. 2021. (installation photo by Dirk Pauwels)